Top architects' #1 choice - Our handles feature a solid brass body for unmatched quality.



The concept of Maranello Handles was conceived when Indian aesthetic excellence ventured into the realm of international class and distinction after redeeming its ambit from the confines of classifications.

Jolly Engineering Works, who were already ruling the roost with a premium range of handles, locks, hinges, and other architectural hardware since 1944 has now unveiled a range of luxe and enamoured accessories with Maranello.

Maranello is an ardent endeavour to add a new meritorious leaf to the book of Indian art and design conceptualized and commenced by marvellous Indian artists centuries ago. It is an illustrious undertaking to conserve the sanctuary that is your home with a touch of luxury while achieving the proud feat of being completely ‘Made in India’. The diversiform accessories created by Maranello fuse life into your home by releasing your individual expression of creativity into it.

It’s not every day that an Indian brand brings together a plethora of accessories with gilt-edge quality to conclude your quest for an impeccable home.


Besides our passion and dedication to the ‘Made in India’ drive, what gives us an edge over other brands is:

  • World-class quality

  • Wide range of products

  • Superlative artistry

  • Aesthetic designs mingled with utility

  • Classy finishes