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Are Brass Door Handles right for your home?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and dates back to Neolithic times. Through the ages, Brass has been known for its hardness and workability and has been used for vessels, dress armour, and jewellery. Its usage as door handles has grown in popularity over the last few centuries. Not only are brass door handles elegant & beautiful, but they are also built to last.

Here are some of the advantages of brass handles:


  • Brass handles can be polished easily and never lose their shine
  • They are rust-proof and have a high resistance to fire
  • The softness of this metal makes it easier to give a look as well, hence it can be made with a lot more intricate designs, and it also shines more than other metals
  • Brass door handles have several varieties including polished brass, lacquered brass, and antique brass


There is also a hidden advantage to brass handles, which is that they are eco-friendly in a way that the machinery used to produce and shape them does not get worn down quickly. This is mainly because brass has a low melting point and is a softer metal compared to the other metals used, which in turn increases the machine’s lifetime.

Interestingly, brass has been found to be self-disinfecting. A recent study found that a Starbucks door handle carries more bacteria than a New York City Subway pole, that’s because the Subway pole is made of brass which helps reduce the germ build-up. It boils down to what scientists call “oligodynamic,” the term that metal ions in brass have a toxic effect on living cells and bacteria, even in low concentrations.

Manufacturers didn’t necessarily know about the anti-microbial quality when they started using brass to make door handles. But the durability and resistance to corrosion made it an attractive option. At Maranello, our brass door handles come in a wide variety of styles to suit your varied taste.