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Brighten up your Space with French Doors

Need some help with brightening up your living room? Consider something timeless and chic – French Doors. Often attributed as the mainstay of European & North American apartments, these windowed doors have the potential to elevate a compact interior space into a seamlessly smooth & spacious transition.

The purpose of double doors is two-fold- it acts both as a window as well as a door and typically provides a  popular access to terraces & sunrooms. The French door, needless to say, finds its origins in  France. A product of the Renaissance period of  the 17th century, it’s been a favourite of architects and interior designers. French doors can effortlessly separate a courtyard & a kitchen or a bedroom & a  living-room. Regardless of the kind of home decor your interiors wear, French door can further  spruce it up & give it a fantastic feel.

A modern version of the conventional interior French door can be simple clear sliding doors, which can be used to separate a living room and  a dining room. Rather than acting as a partition between the two spaces, the doors allow the two rooms to flow together seamlessly. Interior French door make for a wonderful lounging area filled with natural light as well. It’s a great way to offer privacy and some quiet without completely closing off the two rooms from one another.

Pro-tips to make your home interiors stand out with French door:

  1. Make a dashing statement with black-framed interior French door. Such an entry-way looks stunning from any angle and offers a unique first impression of the home. Despite space crunch, the French doors make it appear roomy and adequately spread-out.
  2. An already graceful, airy dining room could be further elevated by floor-to-ceiling windows and interior French doors. Filled with light, the layout would make eating at this table feel like being outdoors.
  3. You can also take French doors to the next level by creating a windowed-library. French doors allow for a quiet place to read without being detached from the rest of the house.

Seemingly conventional or double-hinged French door make quite a bold statement whilst augmenting the overall aura of your interior space. It is an astounding example of how French door can enrich any design- from an apartment to a beach home.

You can choose from a variety of woods, glass, and Maranello Handles to get the right French doors made for your home and you will soon wonder why you didn’t do it earlier!