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Choosing the Perfect Door for your Home

Doors are synonymous with home. Apart from the simplistic role of providing safety and protection, they must also add to the overall aesthetics and beauty of your home.

Their permanence often acts as a challenge while redesigning, but that could also work as a way-finder for a theme. Selection of a door that suits the aesthetic of a home can be broken down into smaller and much easier-to-answer questions:


  • Which direction should the door swing?
  • What material would best suit the doorway?
  • How intricate or simple are the casings of the doorway?
  • What would we perceive from the color of the door?


Answering these questions requires some understanding of what they infer.

The direction for the swing of the door is a necessity for the way it is installed and what look it may give to both sides of the doorway. Rooms usually have inward swinging doors, i.e., doors that swing towards the inside of the room. The main entryway doors also have a similar swing to them.

When entering your home, the doors must emanate a feeling of both safety and allure. For the aspect of safety to be covered, it must be of a strong build which could either be provided with a metallic build. The aspect of the allure is covered with a lot more ease when it comes to hardwood doors as they give off a warm look of their own.

The detailing of the door casing on its border affects the way an onlooker perceives the room or the house. If the door is to be a large frame and simple design, then the casing should have an intricate design. In an opposing scenario, the doorway should not be too detailed to focus the look on the design of the door.

A key aspect of the door is the handle. Choosing the right handle and style can play an important role in not only the aesthetics but also the security. Maranello Handles offers an exciting range varying from Vintage to Modern for you to choose from.

The color of the door also enhances the perception of a room when used in the right manner. To make a room look warm and ethnic, a traditional wood finish door would complement the look. A transitional look with contemporary styles on the door would focus the attention on the room’s interiors.

With these questions answered, there can be no complications and difficulties to make out the perfect door for a home that is pleasing to the eyes.