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Choosing the Right Door Accessories


Your front door is the very first thing your guests lay their eyes on when they come to visit you. Due to this, the appearance of your door is their first impression. In order ensure this impression makes a lasting impact, it is important to pick the right accessories to enhance the look of your door. Additionally, door accessories impact both the visuals of the door, and its performance, thus making the process of choosing the right accessories an important one.

Since they are an often overlooked component of the door, is it rare to find helpful information and the right products. In this blog, we will go over different types of door accessories, such as door hinges and knockers, to help you make an informed decision. We have gathered all the relevant information that you need to make your decision-making process easier and worry-free!

Types of Door Accessories

At times, the smallest details can make the biggest difference. Keeping this in mind, door accessories can be the perfect finishing touch on your door design. The two main door accessories are:

  1. Door Hinges
  2. Door Knockers

Door Hinges

What are Door Hinges?

A door hinge is one of the most fundamental pieces of hardware fixed to your door. These are used to attach the door to its frame, and are generally required in sets of two or three. No matter the type, since they are the pivot point for closing and opening the door, they are as necessary as a door handle for every door. While there are various types of door hinges, to see stylish luxury door hinges that don’t make you compromise on functionality, click here for the ones available at Maranello.

How to choose the right Door Hinge?

There are a few points to keep in mind while picking the ideal door hinge:

  1. Door location and environment: Door hinges come in a variety of materials, but the choice of material depends on the location of the door. For example, for an exterior door, one would generally opt for a material with corrosion-resistant qualities. The climate is also an important factor. For instance, in a humid environment, opting for a rust-resistant material like brass would be ideal. You can find luxury brass door hinges at Maranello as well!
  2. Door Thickness and Width: The size of hinge is usually determined in relation to the weight, thickness and width of the door. For example, longer hinges provide more stability.
  3. Height of the Door: the height of the door determines the number of hinges you will require, and thus the choice of hinge type.
  4. Design and Finish: While functionality is essential, the style and design of the hinges also matter. Hinges should match and correspond to the rest of the door aesthetic, i.e., the design and finish of the door and other elements, such as the door handles and knockers.
  5. Weight of the door & frequency of use: strength of the hinge is an important factor to consider in the decision-making process to ensure it can take the weight and size of the door, and operate smoothly despite the heavy usage. 

Door Knockers

What are door knockers?

Rumoured to have been first used in Ancient Greece, door knockers have been around for centuries. These are generally small metal devices which are fixed on doors. These devices are moved to create a sound to alert the residents that there is someone at the door.

While door knockers used to be staples in many regions around the world, their presence has diminished due to the invention of electric doorbells. This does not mean that they have become any less important, as their ornamental usage can make any entrance stand out. Simply adding a unique door knocker can uplift a bland, dull or ordinary door, and add a special touch which conveys to others that you are different from the rest! You can click here for the statement-making luxury brass door knockers available at Maranello.

Types of door knockers

There are two main type of door knockers:

  1. Surface-mounted knockers are attached to the surface of the door using screws
  2. Through-the-Door knockers are fixed from the inside of the door using bolts

How to choose the right door knocker?

While choosing the perfect door knocker for you, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Weight: The heavier the door knocker, the louder and crisper sound it will make
  2. Grip Design: While it is primarily used for ornamental purposes, in case you may ever need to actually use it, the door knockers should be functional. An easy to grip knocker will create a good and resounding knock.
  3. Material of the door: Especially when deciding between the two aforementioned types of door knockers, it is important to choose depending on the material of the door itself.
  4. Design and shape of the door: the size, shape and placement of the door knocker you choose will depend on how your door is designed. For example, any door knocker might compliment a flat solid door. However, for a glass panel door, you may have to take in account where you can fix the knocker, or opt for a specific design in case of an ornate door
  5. Door finish: it is best to choose a knocker that compliments and matches your door finish, and is coordinated to rest of the door hardware, such as the door handle

Additional Tips

Beyond the specific tips to make the right choice, there are some general things to keep in mind while selecting door accessories:

  1. Durability: Accessories, especially those fixed on the front door, must be durable and strong to withstand time and weather conditions. Since they will be subject to wear and tear, it is important to pick those that will prove to be a lasting investment.
  2. Functionality: At the end of the day, accessories also serve a functional purpose. Even if they do not, they should not interfere with the basic functionality of the door. Thus, how well the accessories operate should be taken into consideration.
  3. Cost: Accessories are available in various price-points. You should consider those that match your budget.
  4. Take measurements: The right accessory for your door is one that fits perfectly. Ensure you take measurements of your door and decide on the size range of the accessory before you embark on your accessory hunt.
  5. Appearance: Lastly, and some would argue most importantly, the accessories should match the style and design of your door. Moreover, it is also an expression of your character and taste, and a great way to add a touch of personality. Thus, also keep in mind your own personal tastes along with the door design when picking an accessory.

Door accessories are an overlooked, yet essential part of door function and design. The main take-away of the blog is that the best door accessories will not make you choose between functionality and style, and rather be a tasteful amalgamation of both. In case you are currently in search for door accessories just like that, you can check out the exquisite and one-of-a-kind luxury door accessories provided by Maranello here.