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Choosing the right Door Handle

Choosing the right Door Handle

The number of door handle styles and designs on the market has grown along with the popularity of interior design. There are numerous door handles to fit every interior decor preference, with options ranging from modern and contemporary to traditional, vintage styles. Not only does the aesthetics of a door handle add to the interior design of the building or residence, but its function can significantly affect the daily use of the door.

How to choose the right door handle

Overall Theme
Assessing your home’s general design should be your first step. Choosing novel angular handles for your home will sound odd and look out of place if it is a traditional property while the seamless modern interior of your home will be broken up if you choose an antique or traditional handle for your doors. It is crucial to evaluate the general design of your house before making the appropriate door handle purchase.

Function of the Door
Determine the function of the door after deciding on the type of handle that you require. A non-locking, passage lever is what you want for closet and hallway doors while, a locking privacy lever might be appropriate for bathrooms and bedrooms. To make sure you get the appropriate door handle, it helps to make a list of all the doors in your house and the purpose they serve.

The material utilised in your doors handles is something else to take into account. There is a large variety of materials available, and whichever you select will directly affect the interior design of your home. For instance, brass is a desirable alternative for door handles from the beginning since it is strong and corrosion-resistant. wooden handles will mix better with your door while metal handles will stick out more and create a stronger statement.

It’s crucial to think about how the door handle will blend in with the design of the house or structure when selecting a style. Maranello is a leader in luxury brass door handles, locks and hinges with a focus on world class quality and aesthetic designs providing some of the best designs in India listed below:

  • Vintage- Our Vintage Door Handles are influenced by the times identified with uniqueness and singularity; when every piece of art was unparagoned and could not be replicated in its beauty, charm, and appeal. Befitting of these aspects, this collection comprises elite gems that are a blend of rare refinement and allure.
  • Modern- Our Modern Door Handles are stimulated by modern art and characterised with splendidly trim and well-designed lines in a range of patterns. Trademarked with arresting and contemporary designs, this collection accords legions of vibrant accessories that are minimalistic and voguish at the same time.
  • Classic- Our Classic Collection of luxury brass door handles can be distinguished with its exemplary class and timeless quality. Extraordinary and notable details comprise the intricate carvings and patterns of our Classic collection that prods you to recall the heritage and enchantment of classic art and adornments.