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Choosing the Right Door Lock

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Once you have picked out your favourite Maranello luxury door handle, the next step is to select a door lock to secure your home or private spaces. Choosing the right door lock can get confusing and overwhelming. Considering the variety available in door lock prices, door lock types and door lock designs. However, this variety makes your deciding process easier as the sheer number of available options ensures that you will find what matches your requirements best. Door locks guarantee your home spaces remain secure and protected, and this makes picking the right one vital. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about door locks!

Door Lock Components

While the appearance and functionality of door lock parts can vary depending on the type of lock you own, there are a few standard components you should be familiar with. These parts are essential to understanding how locks work, thus contributing to your decision process.


The part of the lock where the key is inserted is known as the cylinder or the keyhole. The key put into into the cylinder must fit into it perfectly in order to open up a lock. Cylinders come in two varieties, i.e., single and double. A single-cylinder lock has an opening for a key on one side and a twist knob that secures the door from the inside on the other. On the other hand, a double cylinder lock doesn’t have a twist knob to close up from the inside and needs a key on each side to operate. This type is often used in public restrooms and other community spaces.

Bolt Box

The portion of the lock that is engaged when the pins inside the cylinder of the lock move after the key has been entered is known as a bolt box. These come in two types –

Spring Bolt

The spring bolt gets its name from the spring that propels the bolt back into position after opening, thus keeping the door closed. Once the door is closed, the lock will automatically engage and secure the door. This type of lock is frequently found on hotel room doors.

Dead Bolt

On the contrary, a deadbolt lock requires manual effort to lock and unlock. They are known for their sturdiness and reliability, making them a preferred choice for home and office security. Unlike spring bolts, you need to physically turn the key to lock or unlock a deadbolt.

Strike Plate

The strike plate is a small metal frame that secures to the door frame. It is responsible for keeping the door in place when it is locked. It is fastened to the door frame using screws, which help keep the door in position once it is locked.

Types of Door Locks

Door locks come in a variety of types that serve their own purpose and function. Certain locks are more appropriate for outdoor usage since they offer higher security against unauthorized entry. Other locks are more suitable for indoor spaces, like bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets, and focus primarily on providing privacy.

Door Knob Locks

This type of locks is among the most common ones used at home. While these are generally used for interior doors, like bathrooms and bedrooms. Door knob locks have a locking mechanism built into the knob itself and have knobs on both sides of the door. Depending on your preference, these knobs can come with either single or double cylinder locks, allowing you to lock the door from either sides.

Deadbolt Door Locks

Deadbolts are commonly used alongside door knobs as an additional layer of security, especially for front or entry doors. These can be installed separately and are favoured as they provide a higher level of security. Once locked from the inside, it can be challenging for intruders to gain access, making it an effective way to prevent break-ins. This type of lock is known for its durability and robustness, and come in both single or double cylinder options as well.

Handle Door Locks

Handle-set locks are the perfect combination of elegance and security, as they have aesthetic appeal and include a deadbolt upper lock and a thumb-opening bottom lock. Handle-set locks are considered to be more secure compared to spring bolt locks due to their incorporation of a deadbolt lock. The primary focus of such locks is on security, making them an ideal choice for external or entry doors of the home.

Lever-handle locks

While not as secure as other locks, they are ideal for doors that require quick access, such as basement doors and closets. Lever handle locks are not recommended for front doors as they do not provide the same level of security as other locks. The lock mechanism is located in the cylindrical lever itself, making it easy to operate and a good option for handicap accessibility.

Barrel Bolt lock

Commonly known as the sliding bolt locks, these are a safety measure that can be added to the interior of a door. It consists of two parts, i.e., one attached to the door and the other attached to the door frame. The lock has a cylinder that slides in and out of the body of the door to secure or unlock it. Although it is a simple mechanism, it provides significant safety benefits, making it an additional level of security to the existing locks.

Chain Locks

These are often found in hotel room doors and consist of a catch attached to the door frame and a main assembly attached to the door. It is similar to a barrel bolt lock but uses a chain instead of a barrel to secure the door. Its design allows you to slightly open the door to see who is outside without giving them full access to the inside.

Magnetic Door Lock

A magnetic lock utilizes magnetic force to secure a door, making it one of the most reliable locking mechanisms available. Due to their use of electric current, magnetic locks are highly durable and resistant to tampering, making them the ultimate choice for those who require added security.

Mortise locks

This is a highly secure type of lock that requires a pocket to be cut into the door, and has a latch bolt and deadbolt. Mortise locks are commonly used for external doors, especially as main door locks, and are harder to pick or remove due to their added strength.

Key Less locks

These locks provide a convenient and flexible way of locking and unlocking doors. They don’t require a physical key, thereby eliminating the hassle of carrying keys. These locks are typically more advanced technologically and can use facial recognition, fingerprints, fobs, or code combinations.

Smart Locks

These locks are a type of keyless lock that requires a smartphone, or a similar technological device. They offer convenient access for third parties, such as guests of Airbnb and vacation homes. Smart locks come with features such as remote control, voice control, access logs, and geofencing. WiFi adapters are required for remote and voice control features, while Bluetooth-only models offer limited wireless range. While these models add convenience, they’re susceptible to forced entry and digital hacks and are more expensive than conventional locks.

Fingerprint locks

Biometric or fingerprint door locks utilize the owner’s unique fingerprints as a key, eliminating the need for traditional keys. To provide additional security, a PIN is also required after the user’s fingerprint is authenticated.

Sliding Door Lock

These locks are installed in sliding doors, especially those made of glass, to prevent unauthorized entry. A standard rim latch is attached to the sliding glass door and strike plate is installed on the opposite end.

Decision Considerations for a Door Lock

There are certain points of deliberation or requirements you need to look at before choosing a type of door lock. In brief, these include:

  • Lock Strength
  • Door Location
  • Fire Safety of the lock
  • Lock Accessibility
  • Door Material and Thickness
  • Colour and Style of the lock
  • Door Dimensions
  • In case of replacement, fitting dimensions
  • Door Handings
  • Building Type
  • Lock Grade and Rating
  • Drill Resistance of the locks
  • Your own budget

Best Hardware for Your Doors

Considering how important adequately securing your personal space is, the decision of picking the right door lock is crucial. The door lock market is not susceptible to changes but it has recently seen newness with regards to smart locks. Ensure you determine your requirements, and then pick a type of lock accordingly. After you have decided on the type of lock you desire, choose one out of Maranello’s secure door lock collection! Further, if you are yet to decide on a door handle to go along with your door lock, you can go through Maranello’s range of exquisite luxury door handles here.