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Christmas Door Decorations for the Winter Festive Season

Christmas Door Decorations

The winter season and its holiday spirit provide the perfect opportunity to deck up your entryway with Christmas door decorations. Decorating your doors is the easiest way to greet your friends and family with the festive cheer, while showcasing your chic style with a personal touch.

If you wish to spruce up your door décor this Christmas season, here are some ways to consider:

Christmas Door Wreath

If tradition is what you wish to evoke through your decorations, then a timeless door wreath is the perfect option for you. Wreaths are incredibly versatile and can be easily customized according to your tastes and design aesthetics.

Christmas Stocking Door Decoration

Traditionally hung on a mantel-piece, Christmas stockings are a unique way to dress up your door. Their sizes may vary, with larger stockings generally being hung front and centre on the door. On the other hand, the smaller Christmas stockings can dangle off your door handle, making for a subtle and understated decoration. If you wish to add an element of surprise and delight, you can fill the stockings with treats as well!


If you wish to take a rustic route for your décor, then adding green elements is ideal. This can be done by adorning your doorways with foliage or garlands.


Perhaps nothing feels more festive than a banner wishing you a joyous holiday. Banners are a simple, yet effective way to warmly wish your friends and family.

Door Handles

While these external and additional decorations add to the festive feeling, an essential and evergreen way to adorn your doorway is through its handles. At Maranello, we provide a wide range of exceptional door handles to match your décor preferences. For instance, if extravagance defines your personal style, you may opt for the brilliant blend of allure and refinement available in our Vintage Door Handles.

If you wish to evoke a frosty Christmas or have a minimalistic bent, our Modern Door Handles in shades of silver and black would be an ideal pick. Whichever décor aesthetic you may wish for, the exquisite and enchanting door handles available at Maranello are sure to add to your winter festivities and elevate the look of your doors.