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Curtains covering Doorways

… and the very folds of the curtains contained secrets and sighs.”

Anaïs Ni


Adding curtains to your doorways not only adds personality and character but also makes your space seem quieter and cosier. Curtains lend quite a vivid entrance to your personal space while adding an element of privacy when you have someone over. Perhaps the best thing about them is that they can be temporary – so if you are bored or want to give a new look you can always change them.

Curtains give your space a quaint look, they also are a wonderful way to distinctly define and separate spaces whilst making a charming design statement. Apart from the aesthetics, they give you a number of other positives as well, here are some of them:


  • They help frame your doorway.
  • Whether summer or winter, they are an attractive solution to avoid loss of cool-air or heat from homes. A thick fabric curtain will curtail the cold air passing through a drafty entranceway.
  • If your doorway features a fancy glass window or a sidelight, a set of curtains is a simple solution to give privacy to your place.
  • It clearly enhances the division in a room sans a permanent wall or a doorway.


Back in the day, before central heating & cooling, thick curtains came in handy to ward off the drafts between the rooms. Now, these doorway curtain drapes serve decorative purposes. Doorway curtains indoors, make a pleasant note with someone who walks into your home, while also concealing the private rooms.

Curtains covering Doorways

Doorways could be any colour and size, which allows you to pick & choose from a vast variety of curtains to better the overall look and feel of the space. Here are a few ideas around it:


  • Blackout Printed Curtains- When you want to keep the sunlight from creeping in, blackout curtains are ideal. They keep 95% sun out whilst imparting the much-needed style element to your room.


  • Sheer Door Curtains- A good option – when you want to enjoy the daylight whilst retaining privacy. Sheer door curtains come in different colours to complement any décor


  • French Door Curtains- Available in a wide range of colour options, French Door Curtains give a cheerful look and of course keep sunlight out.


  • Sliding Panel Curtains- Move along the conventional fabric curtains and consider the sliding panel curtains for your interior space. Far from being tricky, it is the easiest of the lot to install and use.


  • Sheer Waterproof Curtains- If you usually leave your patio door open and worry about getting your curtains wet, these curtains are just what you need. These waterproof yet unique curtains work equally well on your patio doors.


  • Semi Sheer Curtains- Fancy adding a bit of bold colour to your curtains? Semi-Sheer Curtains bring about the outdoorsy tropical element indoors. These curtains can be used outdoors as well, and they may as well assimilate well.



No matter what you are looking for- some privacy, a storage cover, or just a fun party theme idea, doorway curtains accentuate any home space. Making the most out of these beautiful creations helps brighten and enhance any place