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The Best Options for Vintage Door Handles

The best options for Vintage Door Handles

Vintage door handles set the impact for your home, helping set the right tone for the rest of the house. A sophisticated door handle can help accentuate the first look of your entrance.

If you wish to create a luxurious classy feel then there is nothing better than a vintage handle that brings back the feeling of a bygone era. Maranello offers some of the most exceptional-looking vintage handles for your doors. Here are some of them:

  • Lorena – Our Lorena handle range provides fineness to its touch, with minor grooves on its design. Its twisted neck offers a comfortable grip that makes the cravings on the handgrip feel smooth on the hand, making it a perfect fit for an idyllic setting.
  • Milazzo – The Milazzo range carries a vintage baroque pattern, with stylishly curved lines and an extravagant pattern of carvings. Its antique and rustic look perfectly balances a chic and classy look.
  • Valenza – Valenza door handles are made with a smooth and sleek edge finish for those who prefer a mix of an elegant and vintage look. The stunning balance of this comes off and enhances your interior decor with its impression on those entering.
  • Ferrara – The Ferrara range comes with classical engravings, ornate mien, and a stunning design, for those with a leading-edge palate. The sophisticated look of the edge of the handle, the beautiful flower at the centre, and the intricate art at the apex enhance the beauty of the door and the room.

Maranello Handles provide you with the most premium handles, infused with Italian artistry and skilful engineering. For more details on our vintage handles, check