Top architects' #1 choice - Our handles feature a solid brass body for unmatched quality.


brass door handles

Benefits of Brass Door Handles

Choosing the right door handle material Brass is one of the many materials door handles are now available in. While choosing the right material for your door handle, it is important to consider the benefits and make an informed decision. As Maranello provides exquisite luxury brass door handles which seamlessly blend style and utility, this… Continue reading Benefits of Brass Door Handles

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Brass Door Handles

Are Brass Door Handles right for your home?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and dates back to Neolithic times. Through the ages, Brass has been known for its hardness and workability and has been used for vessels, dress armour, and jewellery. Its usage as door handles has grown in popularity over the last few centuries. Not only are brass door… Continue reading Are Brass Door Handles right for your home?

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